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About Us

Since 1995, Elaine & Michael Jennings have also owned the highly regarded Small Potatoes Catering & Events, Inc. where they have been delighting clients with their unique creations. SWEET finally answers the oft-asked query, “Where can I buy these — every day?”

Our approach is simple: Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Cream – and Time. We get the best ingredients we can find, let them speak for themselves and don’t rush.

We have a team of committed craftswomen who have banded together to deliver a fresh, organic, flavorful sweet experience. We want to spread our sweet passion beyond the pans of our kitchen. Our goal is to deliver a Goldilock’s SWEET experience, not TOO sweet, not TOO tart, but juuuuust right, i.e. small, sweet and sensational. Just like our store on Church Street!

Our Mission Statement:

We at SWEET are committed to creating the highest quality, artisan confections, cakes, cupcakes & caramels.  We present our treats as an extension of ourselves, our pride, our camaraderie, our work ethic, dedication & grace.  We invite you to join our SWEET community. We are Green Certified.

We love what we do.


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