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November 19, 2010 / Sweet

The Holidays are Coming!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

…For some.

For others it’s not exactly all that fun:

“Do what to the butter and sugar?”

“Honey, I think the pies are burning…”

“How the H*** could you forget the ______? The ONE thing that you were responsible for?”

Yes, every year the holidays bring incredible amounts of stress and frustration along with good memories and cheer. There is nothing that can be done about the past, but there is a way to avoid it this year. Here’s the secret:

Thats right, the solutions to all some of your holiday problems is Sweet. We may not be able to swap out your crazy drunk cousins or remind you to check the oven, but we can bring you gourmet artisan desserts that will be sure to please all of your guests. You’ve seen our mini cheesecakes, tarts, and pies, but this holiday season full sized versions are available by special order. So here is what you do:

1. Call Sweet/Small Potatoes Catering and Events at 415.896.1296

2. Tell us what you want, and how many (See menu below)

3. Decide on Pick up or Delivery

4. Problem Solved

Could it get any easier? No, not really.

Also, wait until you see what we’ve got planned for the December holidays, just stay tuned!

If you would like to receive the monthly Sweet newsletter, send an email with your first and last name to



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